"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

not a jazz cat

we talked death

we talked the track

my father’s horsewhispering


his mother  well coiffed

swearing like a sailor     (well she was a new yorker ape!)




1 brother   likely dead

in coming days

a cat in pool this morn  harbinger

of cat goddess bast  sitting on his

brother’s chest


at florida hospice where my football bro

kissed the sky  angry nurses  unstudied

in extreme compassion   told me:

we measure life here in  months  weeks

days  hours  minutes


so how long does my brother have?

repeated each morning   + it was

NEVER  months  or weeks   just breaths

loud+long   heart of a racehorse

too strong    2,306





Spring 2019   ..i saw a cat creeping..




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One thought on “not a jazz cat

  1. HARMAN ATKINS on said:

    I prefer the jazz cats! Bring on Christian Mc.

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