"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


ivanka’s father put her in front of despots:

uun  as my 95 yr. old mother calls  pudgy kim

+ the one with the pointynose  who wrestles bears

in his dreams


my father introduced me to a king   a giant shepherd

killed on dufferin st.   + tex  our docile horse  rescued from

the glue factory


i cannot help but wonder about the father of prisoner #A-8541

henriette cohen  the oldest holocaust survivor in france  who

died tuesday  at 103   her father hid her from nazis


here i sit in canada  missing lee  gone this summer for 30   if a

nazi had touched me  he’d have been quite dead  at the hands

of lee  he of gentlebullish tendencies   fierce +paul newman


now a star up there with football bro marty  glimmering  +phospherescent

on horses  in the high chaparral   first post sunk in the fence of family

compound yesterday     the wagons  now circling




Summer 2019  RIP Lee Atkins  A Man  1921-1989


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