"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

do cows get cancer?

she’s starting to come out of it

8 mths of cocoon

around wound


i lost a son

i’ve come undone

i’m glad my parents aren’t alive  to see this

they worshipped him   and so on


would she be better off back in said cocoon?

selfishly  yes   

i wouldn’t have to field hardballs like:

i should have been there  

it was so   fast


should have

would have

didn’t tell u


suffer this until last grasp  at straws  that

slipped through fingers  even as you knew

this to be  criminal?  increasing panic as his

last days were numbered


or why not just blame it on him !

he insisted you didn’t know


or shove it where the sun don’t shine   along

with your other crimes   quarters from her purse

+informing her of the zigzag scar on her chest


after telling your dad:  I’m going to write a book

where everyone gets cancer  even the cows   he

being a man of the land who loved cows  said:

i don’t think it will sell



Summer 2019 .. wouldashoulda ..


*alexander solzhenitsyn beat me to it dad

with  The Cancer Ward   sold zillions of copies

and was released from the gulag  


free like marty+lee 









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