"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

welcome to the machine

has an experience ever unhinged a few screws

in your stability machine?  the machine that keeps

you jogging walking crawling into a happy ending


yesterday our neighbour kate died at 88 in her sleep

george her husband didn’t hear a peep   we saw lights

flashing on the ceiling quarter of 6   by then kate was

by-passing the styx


straight to the heaven for strong women   sent to the room

for advertising execs   she was called the first madwoman of

the jingle  next to the room for real estate agents and football

stars falling


next to the room for working class heroes   our grandparents there

but they won’t let us in cause we clawed our way up the ladder into

the middle class where everything is illuminated+irie






Summer 2019   ..summer of broken machines love..


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