"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

bride of frankenstein rides again

43 years ago right this minute  we were

getting ready  for wedding #1   nineteen

+heading into 2nd yr. U of T  where profs

would call me   MISSUS 


feminism in infancy  along with bride to be

groom my boyfriend from 15   silk chiffon

teal traina dress   matching flying nun hat

of my own design


bride to millner:

have u seen the flying nun?

and so on


today groom is in his 3rd marriage  with 2 kids

none with me  he is happy +independently wealthy

while i returned to proletarian roots  +toiled in the

trenches of humanity


parents just happy i didn’t end up a missionary  better

a divorcé   dad i‘m going to adopt 2 zimbabwean children

shouting match in a walk-in closet ensued  + a dowry rapidly



daddy’s gone

groom’s mother too


great aunts +uncle louie

groom lost a sister

me a brother to cancerinteruptus

not a single friend still married


arranged shtetl marriages not what cracked up to be  we went to

hawaii +frisco  19+23    2nd honeymoon to a school house in the

tundra   where new husband shared: my first wife asked  what about us?  

when i said i’d marry u   a shouting match+cigarettes ensued   but his

timing has been impeccable since

__ is the glue..

poet + numero 2   circa 1990






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One thought on “bride of frankenstein rides again

  1. CAMERON on said:

    Oh my timing is impeccable Gerry. It’s the glue.


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