"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

the wasteland


i met a girl at starbucks   she said:  i always

wanted to be named after a month   we settled

on   december   her eyes black  skin ebony  many

say jesus was ethiopian   father of the lost tribe

wandering north  on florida highways


i met a man at my mother’s retirement rez   a child

psychiatrist  named ted   a pioneer in my field

ted took a liking to me  +gave me a book on child

psychiatry  when i mentioned it was on my office

shelf   ted said:


you’d be better off reading it  


he also gave me  17 pages of poetry  each with the

month of  april  writ large:  whan april with her shoures

soote   +  april is the cruellest month    chaucer + eliot

among others


when ted’s wife died   my mother said: ted’s hungry   so

we took him to the cafeteria +bought him lunch  i lifted his

walker into the trunk   ted’s dead now   and i kind of wish

they’d struck up a relationship  she’d have loved to marry

a doctor  or a baseball player



April is the cruellest month, breeding

lilacs out of the dead land   mixing

memory and desire  stirring dull roots

with spring rain  (t.s eliot  the wasteland  1922)



Summer 2019   RIP  Dr. Ted Rosen  ..a mensch..

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