"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

they shoot behemoths don’t they?

(venezuelan poodle moth)


the groundhogs chased youngest up the

back stairs  snarling   their progeny  people

the house now   the house that housed the:


mother father

three bros one sister

ten dogs  twentyfour pups

one rabbit  one squirrel  fish


one turtle eaten by poodle


backsplit ravinehouse  sunsets in living room  bigreds

boy who killed his mother returns  prodigal-jerry  in a

bathrobe  now his orange javelin  spewing dust of the dead





all dogs


so far


the still alive  inhabit new houses  while the earlier house

decomposes in their basements   in their dreams   and

new moths eat the new clothes  and the family pretends

their moth problem has been solved




Summer 2019 once someone had lived; there had been a house..

(Virginia Woolf  To The Lighthouse  1927)



(transmutation of blacksonovitch the family poodle

now a poodle moth in heaven)

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