"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



met him at 25   he just died   on a hog  in

aspen  1st wife often with powdered blu-ish

black eye  he was effusive  handsome jersey

jewishguy  accent like scorsese  mobsterlite

violent death on that bike


2nd wife at home in florida (at least he didn’t die

there  where hospice care has gone missing)  2 kids

now searching through rubble  boy has his square jaw

and anger issues?


but he was undeniably beautiful  last pic of him on a

facebook horse  teeth gleaming  now the gloaming

seeping along cemetery walls  duskdances about to

begin       they rise



..Colorada state police release the name of motorcycle

rider, 67 of Del Ray Beach, who died sunday on U.S. 21

driving a 2015 Indian Chief westbound , when he drifted..



Summer 2019  ..RIP  S.E.  1952-2019..


..we don’t see people for months

then they’re dead..

(Virginia Woolf  To The Lighthouse  1927)


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