"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

searching for the ghost of my bro


i’m going to dream him back into existence   into his

obsidianbody   a body  that never flinched    though

needled   carved   chemo’d




comeback   i’m waiting for you   +i will do it better now

the vile purgatory of: shoulda woulda didn’t love enough

will lift    how will you do it now?


did death stitch up the wound   show you your father’s

blackheart?   in ancient egypt the heart was weighed

against a feather


those of pure heart   good karma   were set free   some

father’s hearts tipped the scales   diablos    my father’s

heart was big+bypassed  +largely underrated


but nobody’s








Summer 2019

lee – 29 yrs.  11 months  2 weeks

marty – 9 months  13 days





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