"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

goodtime charlie

charlie who?

charlie u bastard

panzerman  loser

charliecharming  handsome

strangely the spitting image

of beelzebub  bub


love of mother’s life  we hope

the waters of the styx are wide

+deep   creep   teethchattering

filled with piraña + vengeful gods


one girl-god looks just like me  +maenads

who tear your limbs from baseball body

unholy miscreant  u went to law school   big deal

married the girl u lied to about girls  in 49 states


+one canadian province

o canada


there is a bird pecking  but your liver was already

laden  metastatic  vile   you lived down south with

your duped family   in church on sundays  suckers

crawled up pant legs  attaching themselves to your



they sucked  but suck as they might  they couldn’t

suck the sucker out of charlie   I am gunning for your

plastic ono wife  who broke up the life  of the family

who lived on dreams


they no longer believe in god  or beatles  they do not flatter

themselves  thinking they are forgiving   but know that you

squirm  in thickdarkslimeshit     the glove fits  mister




Summer 2019

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