"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

of zebras and men


i think he’s interested in her

a blacksuited shoesalesman

looks undertaker  but dapper

we’ll take him!


but will she?  used to booths at

el morocco 1943  sat with marilyn

regularly  home to  bombed-out



we reproduced the zebra print on a

wingback chair  with a taxidermied

head above  not hers !  but a zebra’s


last night  he knocked  3 am  livecam

recorded the kiss  but something amiss

not the gentleman caller of 46  (charlie

the bastard out of texarkana)


no!  our shoesalesman boldly planted one

alas she hit him with the metal sitz-bath

sitting in the vestibule


as mr. zebra winked  our father’s laugh

a jazzyriff  on the injustice of an early

death   echoed  from a frozen cemetery

up on bathurst street



mother holding court  el morocco  1946

(far right)



Winter 2019

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