"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


scanning obits

obligatory  purgatory

don’t want to miss   anyone


why are so many dying by

their own hands?   why so

many 1950’s birthdates?  (duh)


scanning obits for ourselves

one day last year  october 24th

to be exact   opened the paper


+heart fell flopping  like a tuna

to our townhouse floor  left tracks

of blood+gore


there was my brother!  longhair

flapping  glorydays over  no one

gave a heads up  how about a fucking

heads up people!


how about a guidepost or 2   i mean

what exactly is next  ????  or must we

continue to navigate without lights

these longish corridors?


yesterday the power went out at the

Eaton’s Centre   but the 100 meter

xmas tree did not !


you cannot

extinguish us

like fleas  mister


or maybe you can





Winter  2019

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