"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

ain’t born typical

50 yrs.


on the lawn

a large black

poodle   not



blackie to you

verst to me  (no not after a salami  that would be versht)

slim girl   13

with braces



standing beside the tree

now thicktrunked +veiny

not unlike me  (not so thick  just vainy)

50 yrs. have come  +gone


see the lawn  where i sunbathed

with a dead cousin’s bride

sexy+blonde  beverly  she was

found with her lover in a closet  (a week after the wedding ceremony)


which mother went to  in detroit

father escaped through the milkbox

while “babysitting”  never to return


brother burned with a fever  (as per usual)

but fever broke on sunday

pus-ey tonsils stopped reeking

though brother never did


so were our parents mere figureheads?

or CIA operatives?  why don’t u tell me

and brother  i will gladly pay you tuesday

for a hamburger today




Winter 2019/2020


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