"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

crossfirehurricane blues

u don’t have to be born during the

blitz  á la Keith Richards  or be an  (orangetinged)

american oligarch   to be caught in

the crosshairs of a hurricane


1950  feminism still in infancy  me too  decades

away   height of greasy deanmartin docs

dispensing benzos  like pez   valley of dolls

a different kind of rez  (hurricane of mistresses)  betty dawn gina jackie floozy


all the women i know from that era were

hooked   now dying off   benzos verboten

’cause of memory issues+falls  like they

don’t have these anyway   (duh)


but without



raising 3.7 kids



1950’s men    (run for your life)


these dolls have ZERO to do but    w   a    i          t

and waiting is not for sissies   without

interests or identities   it is a bingo   (great for fucking eye hand coordination!)

ridden eternity




Winter 2020

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