"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

dearcancer (ok i’ll stop now)


too easy  too predictable

hit the roadjack  and don’t u

come back  no mo


that’s better


but all fall  on  deafcancergod  ears

uncle c wants u !   picture the picture

silver haired man  intense nose  pointing

right at u


i want u bitch


so don’t huddle  masses  live dammit!  fly

out of that hospicebed  you’re lighter now

’cause of how much u bled !


but i saw the hallelujah moment  u rising

the others too   notmyfirstrodeo

all the simple doctors who say: 3-6 months for grieving

or we’ll haul u  kicking +screaming


to a white room  withwhitecurtains


so little understanding of what we are

so many away that day  at med school

we’re tribal in our DNA   pack animals


herders of children   gnaw off a paw  for

a feeble father  walk over coals to reclaim

human remains   unless yer so wounded

you just howl  all night  +leave yer kinfolk unclaimed


this happens frequently  the modern era not what

it’s cracked up to be   dear cancer  why r u so angry?

so fucked up?   can we get u a cup of tea?    or some






Winter 2020


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