"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


so when did we unfriend death?  was it when the

first cave dweller lay down +did not get up?  was it

then that we invented immortality?  that mystical   nodeath

zone  where santa + st. valentine vie for your soul


face it  immortality’s only for  the GOOD   while death

is democratic  nonelitist  he takes scumbags!  but just

might like the good little plebes a tad better  juicer  +less

acrid on the reap’s tongue


why not teach kids about death right from the get go?  so

that when they enter their first deathbedscene it isn’t

a shitshow  like my recent deathbed scenario  where even

the chickennecked cancer doc could not say the word  D  E  A  T  H


oh don’t say that word in front of the dying guy!  or he might die!  

hmmmmm  lifedeath  deathlife  twin doors u get shoved through

and i cannot emphasize this enough




Winter  2020

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