"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

and we gotta get ourselves back to the garden bud

lately i have been buying up masks  apocalypseporn

shopping for the forlorn  covidsexual   i don’t so much

mind being masked  at least the socially acceptable smile

is cancelled  they cannot see (thankfully) what u really feel

and it is not beatific  think of all the uncensored  fuckyous!


(smile!! they said  in the midst of my recent cancer tour)

*don’t worry i took their numbers


it seems to me   this is the dream   u cannot wake up  from

no matter how hard u pluck at your eyes   the now   has become

one of   those   dreams:    a lion   a nazi    a gun


and a guy  who says: you have a choice  either shoot yourself   or i shoot u      boohoo


ok!  WILL YOURSELF AWAKE   timetravel  back to your

real life   rife with fights  +vicissitudes   shit blowing in  from

the dark recesses  of a cousin’s closet  clobbbbbbbers u       history gone virrrrrrrral


maybe the best we can do  is wakeup to:  what we  were

i.e.,  old    alive+dying  all at once    i cannot go on     i must

go on     she does not move


*(to paraphrase beckett)    hey  at least i’m giving him credit!


stuck here

in the mud

of a deep fugue

as i do battle  with the invisible sun king ☀️    avert your eyes



these are on sale ..39 cents a dozen..

there is no vaccine for extraversion..


Spring  2020

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