"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

zimmy what did u mean when u said everything is broken?

my poet died this week   my time with him was

short+bleak  or was it long+hard?  hard to know

so long ago  that we sat in various haunts  where

he would pretend to read my poems  without his



maybe they were better that way   back in those

days  i used 3+4 letter words  +rhymed obsessively

you remind me of busta rhymes!  he said   i thought

it was a compliment   but now he’s dead   our thread

cancelled    when he jumped


but you know   that other jewish poet  with hair like me

rhymed way more prodigiously  +he won a nobel   to

which he said  go to hell   (busta rhymin for your amusement)

they shoot horses   and some old poets


i always thought zimmy looked like a girl rabbi   his voice

now a saw  on the cartilage of middle age   while grey

hair sprouts  in the pandemonium of corona


the way everything did  when i was young  when death+taxes

divorce+cancer  were highly theoretical  +falling out of love

the great mystery



i enjoyed the seafood chowder at the Gladstone with pretty

Aprill  but had to go back to the kitchen with my wide bowl &

say  more broth for God’s sake   more baguette   how about

some fucking butter?  (Watermelon Kindness  David Donnell  2010)



Spring 2020   RIP David Donnell  ..poet extraordinaire +man about town..



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