"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

get your body parts off of our necks


do u think al sharpton knew the etiology of

take your knee off our necks  in his eulogy

for george floyd?  i hope so  because propaganda

even that of the politburo  needs context


ms. sarah grimké    was a white quaker  from a family

of slave owners   an abolitionist  + mother of american

suffrage    ruth bader ginsberg   is a white jew  who sits

on the u.s. supreme court


ruth popularized sarah’s phrase  when she fought tooth+nail

for abortion rights + equal pay  for women   and did u know

that before the indo-european hordes descended  with their

male sky gods      god was a woman?


+ the rounder the hips of ancient women  the greater their

fecundity    the absurdity   of my not knowing this   until 36

speaks for itself   context    context    context    blasphemy

in my ghetto


for it has been  in the name of our abrahamic religions  that millions

have died  at the hands of  despots  kings  priests  +madmen   this is

not to say  that matriarchies were peaceable  oxymoron is context too


humans are animals   food chain bottomfeeders   power  might   hate

rape+pillage   burn the village   enslave the people    replay the tape

so is the thin veneer of civilization crumbling?  is the human conscience

a social construct   or innate?


if the former   now what?  as family  religion  +community  are replaced

by technology   instagram anomie    my own brand of anti-hate   is more

generic  because hate  comes in every shape   it is the nature of our beast


my child clients  raped  beaten  burned  +murdered   from age 18 mths

maybe we should all take a knee in the coming days   as we do battle

with corona  + human hate   the vaccine for which  has been in progress

for  200,000 yrs




Spring  2020

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