"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

who by slow decay who by barbiturate

i fell for a jew  who had a large hooknose

+like a worm on a hook  i was hooked on

leonard cohen  he wafted daily  doing battle

with weasels  who ripped a brother’s flesh


same bro who told father  when i grow up   i wanna be black


smacks ensued  but father had his hands

full   with muddy+wolf   + our mother   also

a beautiful montreal jew  not one  of leonard’s



numerous cousins on both sides  fit that bill

though their beauty cannot be verified   +

leonard died  before i could marry him


with a drink in my hand  and my legs all white from the winter



..that most ignoble form of real estate

the possessive occupation and tyranny

over two square inches of human flesh

the wife’s cunt..  (Leonard Cohen  Beautiful Losers  1966)





Spring  2020    ..oy..




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