"It's about words, and words are all I have…"






going to make

it   (everyone thinks they’re gonna make it)  (until  they don’t)


a bro said: he escaped living ten  fifteen yrs.  in one of those places

ya  but his checkout was graceless    or was it?   NOT


amazinggrace  fulness  danced like a butterfly  stung like a scalpel

he’d want to have long convos  about what all the oldmen in mexico

had for lunch   shrimp the size of your arm!


2 fer 1 tacos  the size of a  bladder  man   lunch was only 2 bucks  2 bucks!

no mazel   but then luck  she’s a finicky bitch      bitches



..did you ever have a sister  did you

no  but they’re all bitches..  

(William Faulkner  The Sound+The Fury  1929)



Summer ☀️ 2020 sweet the sound..






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