"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

old bob meet dead walt

zimmerman found 202 words to rhyme with multitudes    (jew was not one of them)

this in his latest album  tho back in ’62 he couldn’t come

up with one for orange (!)  can u?   but hey  if yer gonna

rip off walt whitman   j’accuse!


mind u  u did give us  in the jingle jangle morning  +that is

way deep  but jesting aside  u with the profile of a russian

rabbinical scholar  +the hair of a girl jewbu


u  mystical transmutation of woody  who penned a song

about orange don’s dad  a white supremacist extraordinaire

u  of the gravel+tobacco voice


stick around song+danceman!   the multitudes can’t breathe

and the orange scourge contains the worst of yer american multitudes


has anyone supposed it lucky to be born?

i hasten to inform him or her it is just as lucky to die

i am not contained between my hat and boots  

..i contain multitudes..

(Walt Whitman  Leaves Of Grass  1855) 



Summer of the Sunking☀️☀️  ..long may u run old mr. zimmy.. (morange !!)



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