"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


this poem is so un pc  that i may be pilloried

no one gave us a parade   no one gave us a

protest march   silence reigned   when jews

were   ovened    slain


homosexuals too  roma+sinti  +the mentally

challenged   silence deranged   our skin white

this hatred beyond skin deep   creeps  into souls

of  survivor’s children


so much for my white privilege   tho i know that

my yellow star is invisible  + i may walk the streets

with impunity  no profilers bearing down  +10,000

doors opening for me


open sesame


but down in the deeps  there lives a jew  who calls

hide  hide  hide    they’re coming for you   i creep

into the closet   into the hole behind my shoes  +wait


did u know that the bones of hidden children were

found in closets  by the looters +squatters  in jewish






*the above photo is of a statue in Hamburg, Germany

in a park  +former nazi train station   where the plaque

reads:  ..there are no reports of any protests by the

people of Hamburg..


Summer 2020



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