"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

oh the horror


we talk about blocks  about anxiety  i check the

Iowa Writer’s Workshop site  $50,000+  annually

i think i can get in   i don’t believe in writer’s block

+i can spin words  into gold  (gold jerry  gold!)


Rilke gestated the duino elegies for 10 years

so what was he doing  instead of dragging words

dark+bloody from his loins?  smoking pot drinking gin


reading the duinos  u can see  that he needed a

decade  to cram angels+archangels  by the tens

of thousands   onto the head of a pin


so did he believe the voices up in castle duino?   (dead with final poem  at 49)

you’re lazy

you’re bored

you have nothing to say

you’re washed up  +ugly


hell no  in those ten years  Rilke stoked his immortality  but for me

sitting Kurtz-like on the river of brokendreams  the wordcemetery

beckons   a bog    poet bogwoman  and the word feckless appears

in the gator’s mouth    along with poet’s black toes



..could we handle that dumb thing, or would it handle us? I felt

how big, how confoundedly big, was the thing that couldn’t talk,

and perhaps was deaf as well. I had heard Mr. Kurtz was in there..

(Heart of Darkness  Joseph Conrad  1902)



Fall 2020

..but, oh those nights- those nights when the infinite wind eats at our faces..

and the nosing beasts scent how insecurely we’re housed in this signposted World..

do you still not know it?   (Rilke  First Elegy  1912)  


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