"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

the final cut



bookend dream  to the man with a giant baldhead   and

megaphone-mouth  bellowing:  SECOND HALF OF LIIIIIIFE !  at 36

which in judaism is  double chai  old cabbalist lore   gore


i’d consulted a rabbi  bill maher’s doppelgänger  who stank


of mould kasha herring pig  not in a goodway  he was my sensei’s

rabbi   the guy who left 16 needles in husband’s  thigh  shoulder

buttcheek   +later when he undressed for candlemas  there was

another in his crevice  he still leads with this  at times      (hey i didn’t give birth to him)


acupuncture  my ass


last night’s dream   what can it mean?   go west old woman?

newly shorn  sacrificial+lamb  hair was a complex red   for some

30 yrs +more  now a neighbour shouts: oh you so rock ‘n’ roll

with spanish inflection


as i  with the courage of a flea  come down to Lake O  to find

the Pacific Ocean?  but this particular transformation is gonna

require a plane  balls  +a deep cutting of strings  yet here i sit

spewing words  all cassandra-deep  +blue




Fall 2020  ..for Sonny Lee Atkins..the apartment cat…now calling the Pacific Ocean home..!!







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