"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

y’all familiar with winter flies?


i am fearless  except re: the things my mother

feared when i was womb-ridden


the beast



going bugs (ie., i don’t want to end up in the bughouse) 

tall dark strangers on darkened streets who chase young girls

+grab them between the legs


imagine the brave involved  in approaching a fly

trapped in my house  (need some freedom karma asap)

scooped him in a covidkleenex   ferried him to the roof


said fly  said:

this is not my house  this is not my wife

who is this bitch?  i better run for my life!


with that  i snatched back the under appreciated freedom

+squished the sucker between my fingers  i suspect it will be

a long winter   covid-caged +bugs




Winter  2020



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