"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

trickiedickie yellowbellied managers be damned


she is not  cargo  not the cargo  the manager makes her

we’ll just move her to 804  there’s running water there   

a strange  empty ish  apartment   does it even have

a tv  to which  they can rehitch  her soul?


then he prays for her covidtested carcass   pray for

rosemary’s baby better   +back away from the lady

in orange shoes   human cargo to mr. manager

mother to some


in the news today  they say suicide is up by 1/3  from

last year  +the numbers of self reported ideation  quadrupled

where are all the psychiatrists  who are going to decant

the terrible claustrophobia  that is covid?


and leave it simmer like steaming cowpatties in fields

get real  this transit is marching along  snail  repetitive

+ mindnumb  which is exactly what you’d want from a



as a friend noted  his mother was so much easier to deal

with   once demented




Winter 2020  ..doublespeak is for losers..

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