"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


a new line  on my forehead  in the mirror this morn

it goes in it’s own direction  just like my flying burrito

bro did this week  on an icy citystreet  on a goddamned



the albino squirrels known to haunt our park applauded

as pedestrians looked away  +one kicked him in a leg   that

has since gone missing


ape i have no feeling in my leg  or in my soulhole  everything went real slo  w


hey that’s the brain show!  u know  when your life passes before

your eyes   he saw the shetl  the bordello in looziana  +the goddam gates

of the Warsaw ghetto  (he freakin breached the spacetime continuum!)


but this new line on my forehead  is some cruel gift from father time

make hay

decrepit poet

make hay




Winter 2020  🦇..the centro senex bat uses it’s bizarre facemask for sex..🦇  oy

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