"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

glad i’m jung + not a jungian*

if u tell a jungian yer pregnant  they take it

as a metaphor  for?  I’m full of life  rife with life

gestating the Godhead ? 


a weird crew  but also the most open +limpid

bunch u ever want to meet  my young nephew

dragged to a jungian lecture  Montreal 2015ish



they’re so weird ape    ya sonnyboy  cultish vulcans  


+he’s a filmmaker  watch out world    one woman  eccentric

+a tad creepy  said often: what’s a Self??  in a high pitched   tremelo


but WTFDIK  u figure it out  which in jungian terms means:

go grapple with yer grandmother’s shadow   sounds like fun

but not if my grandmother is yours



Winter 2021  ..*C.G. Jung on his sycophants..



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