"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

swing low + carry me home


i imagine it has occurred to some of u that

u are  actually  dead  and this the un-great

Purgatorio  much vaunted by Dante Alighieri


so  who knows more about death  italians or jews?

or perhaps the ruskies do?  (is that pc?!)  here’s

a quote from dead Leo Tolstoy   u decide


..whirlwinds of snow circled about the dead Vasili’s head

he remembered his money, his shop, his buying and selling

and it was hard for him to imagine why the man called Vasili

had troubled himself with all those things


well it’s because he didn’t know what the  real thing  was!

dead vasili felt himself free  and nothing  could hold him back

i know for sure i know!  and his whole being was filled

with joy..    (Master and Man 1895)


doesn’t that sound a lot like u and me?  now in the 2nd year of

this covidreality  and if we are still alive  maybe we’re in the real

life version  of Scrooge’s dream  vaccines  turkeys for all turkeys

by 2023 !


so just lie back and enjoy it

not pc either  but it will do





Winter 2021  🦇🔅🦇🔅

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