"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

vagabond troubadour rises


how many of u have been glued to your final dream?

c’mon  u can tell me


well  mine is fading rapidly  as husband crunches numbers

incessantly   the bones of dinodream   grist for the mill


now a colourful chowder-like substance   (dream involves sailors fishermen +clams)

don’t get me started   lighthouses   +pirates


pirateddreams   like when a child client poked me hard

with Captain Hook’s  hook  (pg. 28 in my book)  why on earth did i buy that thing?!


hey  it’s hard enough to crank out a dream in a covidfugue

so   HANDS OFF!    pinched stoics


i’m through

the NW passage

trolling for will

on the Beaufort sea



Winter  2021 ..seeking gold and glory, leaving weathered, broken bones.. i will take the NW passage alone..



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