"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

doppelgänger blues

..there’s a shadow self that lives in

all of us..a doppelgänger of the soul..


Al Purdy declares a doppelgänger of the soul  !!

+ mine pricks up his ears   who is this other me?

a soul untethered to matter  don’t u have to die

for that kind of freedom?


maybe not  maybe all u have to do is cut cords  the

cords that hold u fast  the ones with your family  a

husband or 2   a friend or 3   +then what  Al Purdy?


u the great Canadian poet  living in poverty  much of

the time  with 2 GG’s  count em!  kind of like Bukowski

a  pockmarked  horny   postman poet


in Judaism every sabbath  u are given a 2nd soul  for 24 hrs.

+ u keep a box of rare herbs  to sniff as a reminder  that once

u lit up the sky  + a guy in a bmw concurred  yer gorgeous!     he screamed

circa 1983


now your soul’s doppelgänger   has your real soul  by the balls

tourniquet tightening  all greyhaired+bovine u lay   hey  Al Purdy

your assisted death troubles me


they say when u save a suicide

they ride  like a monkey

on your back


and yes  that is trueblue

can i get

a witness



Spring 2021 in 15 days   ..year two..batvirus🦇🦇



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