"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



at about 60 i developed a new laugh  not a cackle exactly

though one brother anointed it  mad  as in: u sound insane  ape



now bug off


but u know   there is truth in madness  +this laugh  is  the truth

it has balls

it has legs


it is a reaction-formation against 60 fucking years of being largely

polite   caught in the craw  like cassandra unhoark   (ewww)    ok

how else to describe it?


an instinct?

a bloodluster er?

quite possibly


it once escaped as a cousin was bloviating on her dead father’s

goodness  the resulting fracas even bigger than the  original sin

for this i was called  hitler’s evil twin  even as a child !


so  should i keep the laugh  or ice it?  laugh exorcisms are costly

so too being possessed of a  madlaugh  who cackles   the truth

like shit through a goose



(No one is ever more his/herself than when they really laugh..

their defences are’s very zen-like.. George Carlin )


Spring 2021   ..unlaughed laughs cause hemorrhoids..


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