"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

he also said most people are moored in their own bullshit

October 13, 1939-May 23, 2020..  D.D. RIP is kind and is unfathomable..


my poetry professor used to say  just make shitup  for chrissakes

this when i was lashed too tightly to the literal  literally  he was not

fond of the lonnnng confessional rants that were my want  +still are


at that time my nom de plume was  Aviva Oonroth  paternal gr. mother’s

name  prior to WASP excision of the 2nd  O    that sounds like a country

singer’s name  he’d say  (a country singer from Lugev apocalypsed by Nazis)


why do i need to make shitup  when reality provides no shortage of daily

grotesqueries?    your family reads like a broadway play!    he’d say

year three of our confabs ended  with him jumping off his balcony


he survived for a year  died during the sunking virus

fucking checked out

laughing his diablo laugh


MAKE SHIT UP!       why?



Spring 2021

 ..3.9 million have died so far in this year of the pandemic..🔅🔅

but WHO says the real number is closer to 10 million..  

scores of bodies are floating in the Ganges  local official

Mangla Prasad Singh, 39, said: we don’t know where they

came from or how did they get here..(Globe+Mail, May 12,2021)




Her hand moves like a dove with strawberries in its bill

what will he hold in his hands above her head except roses,

and the invisible antlers of a stag?..






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