"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


my hair appears to have grown back  all of a sudden

from under the silver  emerges the red chin length  frizzcurl

but something is amiss  afoot   u get the picture?


it feels like an addams family wig   all mortician  +sallow


yid wisdom says: what was  was   but for a moment i am

elated   it’s back!   then i realize that to be her again  i

would have to forgo all of my pandemic suffering  (darn)


which led me to my oh so moses silver in the first place

transformation through intense  headfuck  like that guy

in high school who did too much acid


moses went up the mountain brunette  (ditto this ape)

and came down silver   but he saw GOD !  not a ball covered

in thorns   lung laceration in waiting 🔅


we can never know what transpired between mo+his daemon

but wait !  this is a metaphor for chrissakes  one where every

signpost is down  +the journey kicks the bejeezus out of you


now silvered +carcass  you realize that death is NOT an FFT

(fucking first time experience)  and this brings a kind of peace

where do you really think you were pre-birth canal ripping+tearing?


i see you’re stumped


you who were built for uncertainty  now lulled into jello  by the

10,000 distractions  maybe you gotta learn to die  over+over again

in order to learn


how to live



Can the Summer of 21  be OVER please?




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One thought on “silverape+moses

  1. Illinois Atkins on said:

    Where’s your Moses now?

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