"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

boobie prizes+learning to crawl

who knows the reasons behind the haphazard

distribution of ruin?   phoenix anyone?   that giant

raptor rising  or a flattened bellycrawler?  no judgement

here either


perfection of bellycrawl  newest sport Paris Olympics   2024

learn how to crawl before 65  +the bubbie boobie prize awaits

funny u probably thought boobie prizes were for fools+gamblers


desitively so  ditto heroes of all stripes  who are willing to forgo

the spotlight   fame   fortune   a megawatted botoxic smile   all

duckmouth +pouty     (sound like a cousin u know?)


my boobie prize is a crazy kind of: warped-elation   amidst the

dung of this covid-abyss   where i am busy being charming   +

ordering fancy shape wear   for the day the double-vaxxed

inherit de earth



Summer 2021  ..if u wanna kiss the sky better learn how to kneel.. Auchtung Baby..

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