"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

mexico goddamn !

when my big bro had not even 2 yrs to live  he moved

to Mexico  he did not slink away either  hell no  he rented

a huge loft above a furniture store on mainstreet run by a

guy named  Val     (he’s a prick ape)   


on a good day:  he hunts bears! he’s my bff   but really my bro

went to Mexico  to have lunch  and that he did with  zenmind

+aplomb  free at last from   mammon-o-mania   a devastating

soul carcinoma


here i stand at the corner of Southpark+Sackville  in a town

i can see myself living in  holding onto a steelepole  for dear life

if i let go  will sailors everywhere rejoice?  whales  salt  moors

hey  they even have anchors for the unmoored !


when did i grow so fearful ?  clutching the dashboard as my

3rd husband  Calum Andretti  drives evilkenevil +nailbite  thru

hairpinturns  toward our  so called future


in my mind i’m going to Halifax  i’m prying my fingers off of the

steelepole  can’t u just see the wind  lifting me up up up  apesiepoppins

now  FEARLESS   +ready for Moby



Fall 2021  ..there is nothing to fear but fear itself..(FDR 1933)




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