"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

hey homies

meet my new  meditation parents  Jeff+Tamara   who

live inside my phone  on the  Calm App  where breathing

+ crickets   are ubiquitous  eh


in an insect ridden fugue  i now walk the streets of my filthy city

MORE AWAKE than i have ever been   and believe me   i thought

i was  AWAKE   paid shamans worldwide  to WAKE   for chrissake


this is not the same thing as  WOKE   wherein  stunned hipsters

in Herschel backpacks  spew platitudes   i know  i know   my gruff

father grumbled about my own  AWOKENING  through:







+he was probably right

as am i  re: the unwoke  unwashed  lemmingherd


i was introduced to  Calm  by my skinny bro  no  not chubbychubby

as the other one is known   the revelations have come  like shit

through a goose   some foul   others magic  +redolent of escape


my cocoon lays  like a broken condom on the sidewalk   i see these

everywhere   5 at my feet  in the parking lot of my old mother’s rez  where

on moonless nights they dance  by day they creak+huddle   near traffic


i digress


what Jeff+Tamara are huckstering is  HOME   Jeff even quotes Jimi H

+Bob M  who knew that  HOME  is inside  Dorothy knew it too   in my 1st

poetry collection from almost a decade ago  !  i float the phrase GO HOME


it felt like a vague revelation  but now entering my final 3rd  it is crystalclear

dig deep foundations  into yourself  dredge  sift  mine  that HOME   the one

that resides behind your eyes


the door barred by:




+faux woke


in my next book i will remove the word  GO   anyone who has witnessed 60+

revolutions around the sun  knows   that HOME   is a state of mind





FALL 2021  ..hey Calm.. lose the crickets would ya?..🦗🦗

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One thought on “hey homies

  1. Illinois Atkins on said:

    Now return to the breath…

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