"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

momento mori

(earliest known lighthouse woman.. circa 1785)


my old mother chose a lighthouse to paint   before she knew

how dark it would get   as the alchemists say:  nigrum nigrius nigro

black blacker than black  u know  that dark nigredo place  where u

are forced to transform    willingly or unwillingly


it will be very dark   the constant refrain of a child client named Archie

immortalized in my treatise  The Dark Witch of Countertransference

Resistance   penned twenty years ago


+  it has grown darker these past few years   death  the great big black hole

swallowed a brother   but wait!  maybe death is the meditation state  the part

where u are in the deeps   + it is nigrum to the max


with the monkey mind finally anesthetized   a light shines behind your eyes

SO BRIGHTLY   you never want to return to embodiment   not a death wish

rather  a LIGHT wish     c’mon  light sabres at the ready!


old mother is lighting the way  today she forgot what that tall white tower

with the beacon is called   she is a monk now   forgetting+remembering

that the light   is calling her home




Fall 2021   RIP.. Blackie Blacksonavitch 1966 -1979


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