"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

shivaghouls & freelove

she races across the city  whenever death visits my family

hurried + schadenfreude  arriving breathless  with evil-envy glow

this has been going on for 49 fucking years


either i was the most exciting thing that ever happened to her  or

she is my stalker  someday to shiv me   mid-shiva   her name is Cindi

her best friend Ruby  (who was a babe)  stole her Polish fiancé  Harold


his sister  was my camp counsellor  at 10  +my big bro bedded her  on my

mauve bedspread  many a shabbas eve   circa the Summer of Love


he is stardust

now golden

finding his way

back to the garden

RIP Marty


(yes she stalked me at his shiva too..)



Fall 2021   ..long may u run Martino..

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