"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

Welcome To Gilead

i saw Kate Moss  +her daughter  she of

half naked swaddle  in tulle  a babyghoul  preening

mom all fishyface  +cheekbone brutality


cheek implants require digging deep into the headcavity


more depravity at the Met Gala NYC   circa 2020’s

most of the women appeared footbound  a practice

in China where  feet of toddlergirls   bound


binding them to a life of cash+carry  like groceries  or beer


the sur real show was to leer  at cleavage so deep  no need

to peep  at giantess mammary goddesses  spilling out of

dresses  some in chainmail   Congratulations Met Gala !


just another form of binding  to the craze


for women to be sub-servants  just watch ’em topple

Roe v. Wade   Ruth BG  a cacophony  from the grave

at 98  my own mother’s beauty  unmarred by filler   or knife


abortions in alleyways  +death by hanger  in her day


(..”it will become ordinary” .. Aunt Lydia’s statement reflects the power of a totalitarian state like Gilead to transform a natural human response such as revulsion at an execution into “blankness,” to transform horror into normalcy.) 

Handmaid’s Tale  Margaret Atwood  1985 



Spring  2022   ..Happy Mother’s Day Babe! ..we’ve come a long way..

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