"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

when pigs fly

yesterday i walked in the local park  to view

the newly risen christ  cherryblossoms  in

these covidtimes the cherries have been

under police protection


not sure why? it’s our premier who looks

hungry enough to eat them  yesterday was

picture perfect  sun after 40 days of rain


it was fuckingbiblical  i tell you  BIBLICAL

a lone man sidled up (as per usual)  all

prickly-stubble  +serial killer


he said: the last time i was here i saw a man

walking a pig!  i ran  he had clearly just  slaughtered

a pig  in his basement  bunker


oh for satansakes  old+forsaken  now wandering

in a too pink  cherry purgatory  with one waxy-ear

+a bad case of doubt


does it get much better than this?


i have a neighbourwoman who lays in wait  she refers

to our local prostitute as: Miss Piggy  she who stands

daily  come sleet snow hail  fellows


i on the other hand high five Mildred  +regularly bring her

frankincense   surely i will not meet pigman  + mrs. kravitz

in heaven



Spring 2022  ..if pigs had wings.. they’d surely be delicious..

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