"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

Maharishi Madness

my swami is a middle-aged Jew  from the burbs

named Jeff  he is the best  bar none  no Ram Dass

no Maharishi


no  Jeff is local  homegrown+vildachya: yiddish for

a wild+crazyguy  he has many forms of mental health

issues    substance abuse too


Jeff fell from a tree at 23  broke-necked +resurrect

fastforward to a billionaire Calm-ish exec  with serious



Jeff is saving my soulhole from extinction  in these

covidtimes  soul-shred is on the rise  scurrying humans

with toiletpaper madness   make u want to puke


leaves one feeling a touch misanthrope   no?


on a micro-level  entering the final 3rd  suffering a

brother’s suffering   2yr cancer extravaganza   he

wasn’t heavy    except in the final moments


when nurse looked across the bed at me  and said: close

your eyes  just then the sheet on my side  ripped apart  in

the midst of lifting him    a deathbed meditation


now it’s time to  Rise The Fuck Up!  walk smartly into the

final 3rd  with panache  aplomb  +a well placed team of



who will have compassion for me  when i cannot



Spring 2022  ..Happy Birthday Martino!  May 19, 1946  ..76


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