"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

a girl can dream

i often wonder if my various mancrushes would

have liked me enough  to marry me   Al Purdy

Lebron  Steve Earle  (husband says he stinks

especially his beard)


Jack White (same husband says he’s too small

town for me!)  this husband: wildman  +lumberjack

family 1/2 Manitoba Metis  1/2 Scottish highlands



as a girl i mooned over Moondoggie + Mark the Rifleman’s

son  who my father took me to see circa 1963  father a

Paul Newman doppelgänger: wild  untameable  +jazz

who would want to tame the beast ??


well i guess a woman with 4 of his kids  who is equally

feral  (+Chanel)  i never did wonder if Zimmy would like me

he of the too rhymey poetry +the Nobel!  anyway  he looks

too much like the Rabbi of Gdansk   my anscestral town


Al Purdy on the other hand  BIG 200+lbs   prone to ecstasy

also infidelity  cheated on his wife with her bestie  married her

had a son  then returned to long-suffering wifey


Al Purdy  all cad+rugged   fuck u   Mr. Rough Hewn

__ feel this something surging inside you..this dragon..this incubus..  

(Al Purdy 1993)



Spring  2022   ..changing teams..just watch me..

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