"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

the hag of cronesville + other stories

is aging the new death? can u all just give us

a few years to shrivel fer chrissakes?  so the box

is not filled with celebrityskin  all pink puff +hopeful


have u ever seen 100 yr old skin?  thin-skinned doesn’t

begin to cover it   sheer  veering off of bonesbrittle  creases

hiding small dogs  +mouldering sins


soon to merge with the  BIG HOLY SHIT  as in: almost

ghosted by God  every 10 yrs a stranger has the reigns

burns down the mission  u hardscrabbled to build


the million watt RED hair (u took a 2nd mortgage for) while

half listening to hair zombies  +a stylist who in dead monotone

says: so what u doing with the rest of your life  day?


u forcefeed her quips  half truths  u give her the best 30 yrs

of your life  now shorn  +pallid grey  u have nothing to say

your kingdom’s up for sale    again


this time filled with:  shapewear  too tight to eat  breathe + die in

plus a few leather jackets from your days impersonating anti-heroes

now antichrist +crepey  your 70’s loom  like a blowtorch



Summer 2022  ..anarchy poseurs unite..

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