"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

depersonalization nation

aka  headfuck  which was the verbal tic of

a boy we knew  after too much frogblotter

for this poet  that cute speckled frog  psychedelisized

those strange young breasts on the blind faith album


this almost led to schizoid splitting  at 12  those breasts

already trip inducing  blueveiny  with translucent points


now fast forward to trips taken  non lysergic induced  some

53 yrs later   during the great pestilence


yesterday while driving on longtrod streets (this after narrowly

missing a shooting in hipster park from hell) i looked up at the

ugly cake shops  +restos serving 20 buck cocktails to cockswains


and i was  unmoored


moments of  where am i   were long +offput   depersonalization

blooming  that dreaded twin of covidfog  a milder form of brainfuck

unless u are 90  +delirium sets in   your mind never to be heard

from  again


adrift  is the new normal  bouts of vertigo  crying in local metro

+facing the hard cold fact of a heartless corona  one that lodges

in the braindrain


i now know how i would handle war  clawing my way over bodies

selling my soul+body  and giving up names   it seems the survival

instinct  is  the killer instinct in sheepsclothes  i would do anything

to get out alive   not to mention what i’d do to save my mother


u too exalted?  too moral?  how about when the alternative is: to be

placed on a stage +forced to have sex with ones father?  a regular

Nazi pastime    (yes)


OK  now how about u?   u ready to climb over the semi-dead too?



Summer 2022  ..this is an unmoored poem..


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