"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

my yiddishe mumma

what is lost?   an entire era  those old days  of

wars  jazzzz  King George  10 cent corned beef

5 cent cokes  open antisemitism  dirtyjuif   back

alley abortions  and signs: No Dogs Negroes or Jews


oh and there was Paris too!  dancing with sailors

marrying armyboys you barely knew  the shetls of

Europe  pogroms  chicken pluckers  packed ships


hiding the child bubba under her bed  when the truant

officers came  she scratched an  X  for Sarah  for the

rest of her days


For I know that I owe what I am todayTo that dear little lady, so old and so grayTo that wonderful Yiddishe mommeMom-mom-mom-mom-mom-mom-
momme of mine  
Thank you    
(Lew Pollack+Jack Yellen 1925)

Fall 2022 ..for Frances Marlieb Atkins  April 4/24-November 14/22

My Yiddishe mommeI miss her more than ever nowMy Yiddishe mom-mommeI long to kiss her wrinkled brow


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