"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


you may have to reach a certain tipping point

ie., the final 3rd   to realize that when your parent

dies  the child you were  mourns the loudest


screams + shrieks + hiding under the bed


and then there is your adult pain  the severing of the

physical body from your sight   Oedipus plucking his

eyes out


blindsided by the cutting  and  truckhit by the never

yet also glimmers of a freedom not known  one that

squarely facing your own grave  provides


frolic  squander  do whatever thefuckyouwant  this one life

is finally your own  don’t blow it on a new car   GO DEEP!

I knew a woman named Rhonda  at 90  she was still crying


for her mother’s soup



Fall 2022  ..ccccourage..

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One thought on “shock+awe

  1. CAMERON on said:

    Great poem dear.

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