"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

apsie marley

my brother calls me the 4th Wailer  as in

Bob Marley and   he does so because i

have been known to howl my grief


at the moon


wolfen+broken  i do it publicly  much to

my horror  (oh the horror)  no one throws

tips in my jar   but the fuckers should!


standing there   shuffling feet   eyes boring

into my motherhole  fatherbrother interruptus

it’s spontaneous fer chrissakes  no control over it




yesterday i saw a portal open above my bed

perfect spot for a ladder  fresh wailing woke

the dead


now coldish fingers smooth the blankets + the

nightgown  mother died in   all sweat soaked  +




Fall 2022  ..let my people go..

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