"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

dia de muertos

did you know that death is a process?

a gestation  much like birth  unless of

course it occurs in a flash


then it is a  quick ROAR 


Rosemary Gordon + CG Jung  both now

kissing the sky  studied death in the human

animal  across all cultures +epochs


they discovered many uncanny things you

may recognize from your own death bed



people become aware of death’s approach  (and want to talk about It!)

a large proportion approach their deaths

with greater composure and acceptance

than was expected   ie., father: LET’S GO!  mother: i’m not afraid!


dying is therefore a process extending over months

just like a baby’s development occurs incrementally

this terminal phase of life too   is rife with symbols


rebirth  change in locality  travel  (mother: i’m going to 

the airport  i’m getting on a bus  I just wanna go HOME)

dying has it’s onset  long before the actual death


it reveals itself in peculiar personality changes  imaginary

events going on inside  concern with food+drink (mother:

i’m having dinner with my sisters  all long dead)


for months father (a lifelong misanthrope) planned a party

with intricate food details  and a long invitation list  his own

funeral morphed  into that party


moral of the story? next time someone

tells you they’re dying

believe ’em!

unless like mother  they tell you they’re dying  weekly



Fall 2022’s Florida deathbed: Ape i’m in Montreal!

and there are so many people here!

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